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July 10, 2014


Chairman Goede called the meeting or order at 6:00 PM.  Those present were Chairman Goede, Supervisors Gartner and Bauer, Clerk Lepke, Dan Lepke, Jim Theler, Keith Matthews, Scotte Meyer, and Richard Janssen.


-Motion made (Bauer/Goede) to approve the minutes as read. Motion carried.


-Motion made (Bauer/Goede) to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.


-Motion made (Goede/Bauer) to pay the bills in full. Motion carried.


-Motion made (Bauer/Goede) to purchase a Laptop Computer from Office Depot. This money is not to come out of the Patrolman’s allowance for tools for this year. Motion carried.


-Motion made (Bauer/Gartner) to put  Ash on Fauske lane and cover with gravel and a single seal on the West side of Fauske Lane all the way to the back and Halverson Lane. Motion carried.


-Motion made (Bauer/Goede) to approve up to $6000 for the addition/roof on the Genoa/Harmony Fire Station.  Motion carried.


-Motion made (Goede/Bauer) to sign contract with Chaseburg Farmers Union for the LP of $1.56. Motion carried.


-Motion made (Bauer/Gartner) to award the Trip Project on Wire Hollow Rd to Lepke Trucking & Exc. Motion carried.


-Motion made (Bauer/Gartner) to request from the Genoa/Harmony Fire Board to sell the Tanker Truck by using sealed bids. Motion carried.


-Motion made (Goede/Bauer) to approve the Building Permits:

Robert Larson –Wolfe Lane - Cabin

Marlin Levendoski – Levendoski Lane - Pole Shed

Keith Jerdee – Upper Newton Rd – Addition to Home. Driveway approval pending inspection from the town Patrolman and the DNR.


-Motion made (Bauer/Goede) to approve the Operator License for Pam Souchek, Sarah Larson & Tara Lewis. Motion carried.


-Motion made (Bauer/Gartner) entry into closed session Pursuant to Wisconsin Statues, section 19.85 (1) (c): to consider performance evaluation data of any public employee. Motion carried.


 -Motion made (Bauer/Gartner) to reconvene into open session. Motion carried.


-Motion made (Bauer/Goede) abstained to give Patrolman, Scotte Meyer a $.70 raise per hour and to pay him 8 hours for Holidays, effective immediately. Motion carried by ayes.


-Motion to adjourn (Bauer/Gartner) at 7:40 PM.    Respectfully Submitted by; Ruthie Lepke, Clerk























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