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JANUARY 8, 2015             





Chairman Goede called the meeting or order at 6:00 PM.  Those present were Chairman Goede, Supervisor’s Gartner & Bauer, Clerk Lepke, Dan Lepke, Tom Coleman & Richard Janssen.


Verification of properly posted agenda; Town Shop, Clerk’s Office & Utility Building on Sorenson Ln.


-Motion made Bauer/Gartner to approve the minutes as read. Motion carried.


-Motion made Goede/Bauer to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.


-Motion made Bauer/Goede to pay the bills in full - transfer money needed from savings account into checking & if check mailed to Attorney Fortney from December meeting does not show up by 1/28/15 the clerk has been approved to stop payment and issues a new one.  Motion carried.


-FYI – The motion from 12/18/14 meeting to sign the (Ordinance 2015-1 to opt out of the Implements of Husbandry) was signed at the 1/8/2015 meeting. Motion carried.


-Motion to adjourn Bauer/Gartner at 7:15 PM.   Motion carried.












Respectfully Submitted by; Ruthie Lepke, Clerk








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