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DECEMBER 18, 2014       





Chairman Goede called the meeting or order at 6:00 PM.  Those present were Chairman Goede, Supervisor’s Gartner & Bauer, Clerk Lepke, Dan Lepke, Tom Coleman, Ray Hass & Richard Janssen.


Verified that meeting is properly posted; Town Shop, Clerk’s Office & Utility Building on Sorenson Ln.


-Motion made Bauer/Gartner to approve the minutes as read. Motion carried.


-Motion made Goede/Bauer to approve the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.


-Motion made Bauer/Goede to pay the bills in full. Motion carried.


-Motion made Bauer/Goede to transfer all but $1000 into the town’s checking account. Motion carried.


-Motion made Bauer/Gartner to send out a letter to the people that have delinquent personal property and give them 60 days to pay the bill in full and after that they will be turned into collection.

 Motion carried.


-Motion made Bauer/Gartner to sign the ordinance to opt out of the Implements of Husbandry.

 Motion carried.


-Motion to adjourn Bauer/Gartner at 7:40 PM.   Motion carried.








Respectfully Submitted by; Ruthie Lepke, Clerk








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