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Town of Harmony Zoning and Permits

The Town of Harmony is a zoned township. Zoning districts and definitions as well as permitted and conditional uses can be found in the Zoning Ordinance:

The Town of Harmony has approved an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance regarding Mobile Tower Siting:

Fees for permits, including Site Permits and Residential and Commercial Building Permits can be found in the Zoning Ordinance Fee Schedule:

Fire Number Application:
Vernon County requires one Fire Number sign for each occupied dwelling on a shared driveway (please note, each dwelling must have a Fire Number at the Driveway entrance AND at the dwelling).

To request a new Fire Number sign fill out Section I of the permit, then contact Pete Strachan: (608) 689-2445. He will forward the information to Vernon County for sign creation.

If you are requesting a replacement for an existing sign, contact Carolyn Parr: (608) 632-0820.

Permit Applications:

A Building Permit is required for all new residential dwellings. This permit and fee is separate from the permits and fees required to be issued under other State Regulators / Regulations or administration of the Uniform Dwelling Code.

Any land being sold needs to be zoned appropriately before the sale of said land. The fee for rezoning is $500.00.

A new driveway site must be inspected for safe roadway access and safe manageable grade.

A Conditional Use Permit is required for any activity that does not comply with the Town of Harmony Zoning Ordinance.

Section 13 of the Town of Harmony Zoning Ordinance states: Conditional Uses represent a category of special uses in each zoning district which could be considered to be unique uses to the town and/or have such unusual characteristics as to require the Town Board officials to review each one individually and set conditions on the establishment of such uses, or to prohibit such uses if found to be incompatible within the town, including the relationship to nearby residents and other land uses. Conditional Use status allows a path to possible approval as compared to outright disallowance in the town.

Please refer to the Town of Harmony Zoning Ordinance and/or call Pete Strachan with any questions.

Pete Strachan is the Zoning Administrator.
Please contact him with questions or permit inspections - phone: (608) 689-2445.

Jim Theler is also available to answer zoning questions - phone: (608) 483-3288.

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